LLM Music Spotlight

Get To Know Local Bands and Venues

S01E04 Crawdad Republic
Join musical guests Jon Williams and Dave Haberman from Crawdad Republic as they talk about band history, hidden meanings, brotherhood, dad jokes and more!
S01E03 The Bacchus Brothers
Join Ray Merrill and Mark Clarin of The Bacchus Brothers as they talk about the history and future of the band, funky alien booty and more!
S01E02 Wood Family Vineyards
Join Wood Family Vineyards’ Rhonda Wood, Harrison Wood and Holger Hornisch as they talk about starting a winery, hosting live music, cowboy boots and more!
S01E01 Nick Selchow
Join guest Nick Selchow of KineticNRJ as he talks about music, bands, pumpkins, Airplane Mode and more!
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